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How Einstein's brain is stolen

How Einstein’s brain is stolen!

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The inventor of the world-famous mass-energy equation E = mc2 is the Nobel-winning German scientist Albert Einstein, known as the ‘Father of Relativity’. Even though there are so many things to steal in the world, the precious brain of this scientist has been stolen. That too immediately after the autopsy of his body.

  • On April 18, 1955, scientist Einstein passed away forever at Princeton Hospital in New Jersey, USA. The nurse who was in charge of attending to him before his death did not know German. That’s why Einstein’s last words at the time of death have never been known! But later it is known that Einstein’s last wish after death was that his funeral should be done with formality. He also gave clear instructions about what to do with his body after death. He ordered his body to be cremated and the ashes scattered. He even instructed that his ashes should be scattered secretly. Because he did not want his body to be examined after death or his death to be much talked about. But unfortunately Einstein’s wish was not fully fulfilled. The pathologist who performed the autopsy removed his brain against his will for research.
  • After Einstein’s death, Thomas Harvey, a pathologist at Princeton Hospital, was tasked with determining the cause of his death. Even though Harvey’s job is only to determine the cause of death, he makes a decision without anyone’s advice or permission. Whether out of curiosity or for any other reason, Thomas Harvey did not want to lose the brain of such a famous man in the world. So he took Einstein’s brain out of his head within seven and a half hours of his death! Note that Harvey was not a neurologist. He was just a pathologist. The interesting thing is, he did not stop with just taking out the brain! Einstein’s two eyes were also taken out! Which was later put in a preservation jar and handed over to Henry Abrams, Einstein’s eye doctor. Einstein’s eyes are believed to still be kept in a safe in New York. A few days after the autopsy, Harvey admitted to Einstein’s family that he had stolen the brain. Asks permission to keep the brain with his family. Despite reluctance, Einstein’s son Hans gave initial permission to Harvey to keep his brain.
  • Harvey lost his job at Princeton Hospital despite being allowed to keep the brain. He then decided to leave the area with Einstein’s brain. Leaving the previous home, Harvey went to Philadelphia with the brain of the great scientist. Here he cut Einstein’s brain into 240 pieces. He kept the two jars in the basement of his house for future research. However, Harvey’s wife did not like her husband’s actions. He threatened to drop the jars. As a result, Harvey took the jars on a tour of the Midwest. In Kansas, he took a job as a medical supervisor in a biology lab. It was there that he first began researching Einstein’s brain. Harvey kept the jars of brains in a small cider box. He hid the box under a beer cooler. Harvey then began sending bits and pieces to researchers around the world interested in parts of Einstein’s famous brain. After moving to Missouri, he continued researching the brain while practicing medicine. After that, wherever he went throughout his life, that brain stayed with him. Many have laughed at his research. But he didn’t care. He had a firm belief that there was some secret in that brain.

Why is Einstein’s brain so valuable?

Many studies have capitalized on the hypothesis that ‘Einstein’s brain is different from that of ordinary people’. And at the end of the research, the hypotheses came true every time. As many researchers around the world have studied Einstein’s brain slides, according to the information obtained from their research, there are many differences between Einstein’s brain and the brain of ordinary people.

How Einstein's brain is stolen

1. Average human IQ is between 90-110 but Einstein’s IQ is claimed to be 160-190. Which is much more than a normal person.

The most surprising thing is that his IQ is much higher than normal people, but his brain size is smaller than normal people’s brain! Where the average human brain weighs about 3 pounds, that is, about 1,400 grams, Einstein’s brain weighs about 2.7 pounds, that is, about 1,225 grams!

2. The inferior parietal part of Einstein’s brain (which controls human language and mathematical skills) is 15 percent larger than a normal human brain! On the other hand, the largest shaft in the brain is the Sylvian fissure, which was not present in Einstein’s brain.

3. The cerebral cortex of Einstein’s brain was much thinner than the rest of the brain and the density of neurons in this thin area was much higher than normal!

4. The biggest difference is that Einstein’s brain indicates a younger age than his actual age. That is, his brain behaves like the brains of people younger than his age. On the other hand, the ratio of neurons and glial cells in Einstein’s brain was compared with 11 people who died at the same age. It can be seen that this ratio is many times higher in Einstein’s brain.